Global Prayer House Missions Base Presents

February 8-10, 2019

Global Prayer House Missions Base

1156 27th ST SE . Medicine Hat . AB

The Lord is opening the door to something greater. The invitation is for any woman who wants the power of the Holy Spirit in her everyday life, who wants to change history through intercession, discipleship, and living before God. Do you want your legacy to be the fleeting pleasures that today's culture has to offer? Or do you want your legacy to be one that echoes throughout eternity through lives changed from a heart that is alive in God? There is a company of women who desire to have all God has for them and whose heart’s are on fire for Him, which overflows into every arena of life. 
We need more women willing to be simple and pure. We need women who are willing to be morally right, rather than culturally acceptable. We need women who are willing to stand up for values and get a vision to take back a generation. There is a glory that is reflected through the inner beauty of knowing God and becoming like Him. We invite you to join us to go for the glory!

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Julianna Bevere

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Christelle Baldovinos

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Sarah Daw

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Samaa Habib

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Hannah Cusack Cowart

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Janell Alyn

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Hannah Coulombe

* Note: You must be registered for Going For Glory Conference in order to receive prophetic ministry. There will be prophetic ministry available in 15 minute time slots for sign up. We will begin sign up ahead of time. Ministry will be given by our trained Global Prayer House prophetic room ministry teams. We only have space for 200 ladies throughout duration of conference.