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Antonio and Christelle Baldovinos are the founders of the Global Prayer House, The Pursuit Conference and the Pursuit Internship - a Discipleship Training School, all located in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. All of these ministries are under Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

The Baldovinos’ have a passion to see people come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord & Saviour and to know God intimately. For ten years they led evangelistic outreaches with Impact World Tour, a ministry of YWAM.

Antonio was born in Honduras, Central America, and moved to Minnesota, United States, in 1984. This is where he met his wife, Christelle. Christelle grew up in Minnesota, United States. Together with their five children, they have lived and evangelized in New Zealand, India, Colombia and throughout the United States, and now reside in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. They have seen tens of thousands come to the Lord, which is one of their greatest passions.

In June 2008, Antonio had a powerful encounter with the Lord and a Joel 2 mandate to "blow the trumpet, call a sacred assembly and gather as many people as possible" was given. The call was to a lifestyle of prayer, fasting and rending of our hearts & lives to the Lord for ourselves, and to impact regions, cities and nations. 

This mandate has expanded their vision to call people to a lifestyle of prayer and to intimacy with God. It is this passion that brought them to establish the Global Prayer House (GPH) Missions Base. The Prayer House is built on Isaiah 56:7, “…My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.” They believe that God is raising up Houses of Prayer for the nations & whether that mission is in the marketplace, church, worship, or in developing nations, the Lord is leading His church to serve from the place of prayer! They have called many people to prayer with night & day prayer meetings and will continue to increase this vision.

Antonio and Christelle have five beautiful children—four boys and one girl—and they are passionate about loving God, seeing God move in power and seeing lives transformed!

Antonio & Christelle Baldovinos
Global Prayer House Missions Base / Pursuit Movement

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Originally from Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Ryan and Sarah serve full time at Global Prayer House Missions Base. Since 2008, they have served Impact World Tour, Call2All and the Global Prayer House, seeing over 55,000 people respond to the Gospel message. Their hearts are to see people come into relationship with Jesus Christ and know Him intimately. They demonstrate an excellent spirit in all areas of design and various forms of media which are crucial for the ministry.

Ryan is the Creative Director and serves as a musician in the Prayer Room and Sarah serves as a speaker, teacher and prayer leader. Ryan and Sarah also have served the Pursuit Internship as support staff and small group leaders, as well as led the outreach to India in 2011. Ryan and Sarah, their daughter Neveah, and two sons Malachi and Kayd, live in Medicine Hat, serving and establishing God’s kingdom here on earth.

Ryan & Sarah Daw
Senior Leadership / Creative Director

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Joel and Melissa Graber are the Directors of the Pursuit Internship YWAM DTS and Ignite Week. They have a passion for people to come into the deep intimacy with God that we as human beings were made for. Joel and Melissa love the place of prayer and believe that it is the fuel, not only for a vibrant relationship with God, but also for taking the Gospel to the nations.

Joel and Melissa enjoy leading these training schools because they focus on raising people up in discipleship with the Lord to be leaders, and then releasing them to evangelize both locally and to the nations. Joel is also a speaker, teacher, and prayer leader in the ministry, while Melissa is a musician and teacher. They have a beautiful daughter named Hazel Joy that has become the delight of their lives.

Joel & Melissa Graber
Senior Leadership / Pursuit Internship Director

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Richard and Rebeca are full-time staff at Global Prayer House and have a deep passion for missions, evangelism, and discipleship. Their main desire is to see salvation and healing come to the nations through the transforming power of the love of Christ. Together, Richard and Rebeca help lead outreach teams to third world countries each year.

Richard is the director of the Pursuit Groups ministry and an outreach coordinator and speaker for the Pursuit Internship. He also serves as a prayer leader and in ministry administration. Rebeca is an anointed worship leader and helps coordinate events and conferences. She also serves on the children’s ministry and hospitality team.

Richard & Rebeca Stock
Senior Leadership

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Rick has served in Youth With A Mission (YWAM) for over 30 years, travelling to over 30 countries, multiple times. Together, he and his wife, Judy, worked as missions’ trainers in many nations and pioneered several YWAM bases, including the ministry of YWAM in Medicine Hat. Since Judy’s passing in 2012, Rick continues to serve YWAM in many ways.

Rick is currently the president of the YWAM society (Medicine Hat), serves on the board of several ministries, and gives pastoral input to Global Prayer House. Rick has a father’s heart and has been an incredible blessing to GPH. His wisdom and experience have been invaluable and his heart for the Lord and for people is admired above all.

Rick Sorum
Elder / Board of Directors, Youth With A Mission Society (Medicine Hat)